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Lasting Relationships 
At BlueLight IT we value personal relationships. Our new clients are always pleased to discover the difference of working with an IT firm that has a vested interest in their long term success and not just offloading a product. In every relationship we strike with customers we aim to become partners in support of their business goals, creating the right tools to lead the marketplace.

Cut Costs
Cutting costs and increasing operational capabilities are not contradictions in terms. In fact, our goal at BlueLight IT has always been to make our clients stronger business competitors at a fraction of the price. Let our consultants eliminate your fiscal waste, and give you peace of mind.

Stronger Smart-Infrastructure
A Stronger Smart-Infrastructure means your staff can concentrate on your core business as opposed to wasting time resolving internal problem that are not their expertise. More time with your customers means more revenue generation. Our seasoned consultants have a long track record in strengthening client capabilities from small businesses to publicly traded fortune 500 companies. 

Leveraging International Success
BlueLight IT has an established experience consulting and implementing comprehensive technology solutions for multinational corporations across several continents. In addition to rolling out small and enterprise level solutions BlueLight IT has proven experience in implementing multilingual applications. Whether a company is targeting national customers or planning on global expansion BlueLight IT is powerful partner.

Eliminating Risk
As business dependence on electronic media increases so does the associated risk. Our expert network administrators have extensive experience in mitigating risks through time tested business and IT controls. Risk mitigation is better handled proactively, let our experts review your network and patch the holes before risk becomes a statistic. 

Emergency Event Response
Emergency data and IT events occur in any organization. At times such response is better handled by seasoned professionals. Whether the event requires rapid response to network intrusions, data theft, dealing with HR situations, catastrophic hardware or data failure or compliance inspections, our experts can halt losses, prevent further damage and implement best practices recovery programs. When such events occur many organizations panic and cause further damage. When emergency strikes call lean on us, well make sure your company becomes another BlueLight IT statistic of success.

In many industries there are federally mandates directives that were set in place to protect consumers and shareholders. At BlueLight IT we have a thorough experience in enacting risk mitigation techniques and compliance measures to ensure compliance. Whether your business required compliance with HIPAA, SOX, FTC or the ABA we can enact the compliance measures required.

BlueLightIT provides Outsourced IT services primarily to the SME market. We make use of in house developed technology that mimics the technology used by large corporations at a fraction of the cost. Our rapid recovery server (RRS) technology, once implemented, will reduce the recovery time of a catastrophic failure on your server to about 1 hour! Give us a call today, so we can evaluate your needs and provide a comprehensive solution that will fit your budget.



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