Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning is the function of planning mitigation techniques to overcome business inhibiting or catastrophic events. As technology catches center stage in most businesses these plans are becoming as essential as liability insurance. In most industries experiencing downtime has a steep cost.

Costs of Downtime

  • Loss Due Revenue Producing Operations Halting
  • Fixed Costs Continue To Accrue
  • Lost Data Must Be Recovered or Rekeyed
  • Employees Still Must Be Compensated
  • Cost of Recovery of Network Resources
  • Rescheduling Current Tasks in Future
  • Cost of New Hardware
  • Lost Business to Competitors
  • Loss of Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Loyalty
  • Adverse Effects on Business Long-Term Survivability

BlueLight IT has decades of combined experience in understanding business and what it takes to survive the unexpected. It is no secret that companies with a proactive Business Continuity Plan have fewer downtime periods, shorter recovery times, and a more positive outlook for the future. Our clients sleep better at night knowing that while they cannot prevent the unexpected, their staff will know how to handle such situations with the best business practices available.
Is you business ready for the unexpected?

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