Desktop Monitoring

BlueLight IT offers comprehensive, fully managed Desktop Monitoring for businesses of any size. The service monitors all desktops and laptops on a network in real time. The service creates a proactive stance for business owner to discover problems ahead of time.

Active Notifications
Our monitoring agents contact your company designated representatives the moment a significant event occurs.

Notifications are sent by the method chosen by the customer:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Text
  • Fax

BlueLight IT’s Desktop Monitoring Services has the ability to gage network resource’s availability and effectively manage network allocations. Our customers can foresee required maintenance and ensure downtime is managed in a manner which is productive and cost efficient. Our services also allow business owners to understand their network, its needs and shortcomings.

To understand where you network’s health stands call BlueLight IT at 561-282-2225 Today!

Decrease down time with the proper network infrastructure

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