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When is Downtime A Luxury? Never!
Companies rely on their IT infrastructure to communicate with their customers, employees and suppliers. Since most businesses today are unable run their business without IT infrastructure, downtime is no longer acceptable.

Information Availability
Information availability is the ability of a business to have access to its IT infrastructure in order to perform their business transactions.
When downtime occurs the losses of a business begin to mount exponentially. The inability to communicate in-house, with clients, suppliers and business partners affects businesses fiscally in many negative ways.
Most of the large businesses and corporations understand the heavy impact of downtime on their bottom line and constantly work on improving their mitigation plans. In many cases business relationships, regulatory bodies and competitors force companies to reduce their downtime to bare minimum to maintain operations. We can provide you world-class reliability at a small-business price!

Concentrate on Business, We’ll Handle the Rest
With BlueLight IT’s Managed Services solutions companies receive peace of mind. Our solutions cover the following critical information exchange areas:

  • Network Monitoring: Proactive monitoring and management of network resources, operating systems, servers, desktops, switches, printers and email accessibility
  • Network Security Management: Fully managed firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention and overall data security protection
  • Application and Database Management: Managing equipment, databases and business critical applications
  • Data Backup, Replication and Rapid Recovery: Fully redundant, secure, and automated data backup, replication and recovery for data, applications, operational functions
  • Website Operations: Real time solutions to minimize web operations downtime and security breaches
  • Telephony: Specific solutions to ensure telephone connectivity

The BlueLight IT Managed Services Benefit
BlueLight IT has decades of experience in implementing managed services solutions for enterprise level international companies as well as small businesses. Our veteran staff has the experience needed to implement cost effective solutions in any size business, across different industries. Our solutions are always tailored and time tested.
No Need to Reinvent the Wheel-We Already Have The Experience
BlueLight IT’s specialists have over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of networking, disaster recovery, telephony, custom applications and business operations. Our experts have successfully mitigated many business mishaps and possible catastrophes.

Leverage our experience for less than it will cost you to acquire yours.

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Decrease down time with the proper network infrastructure

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