Server Maintenance

Servers are powerful tools; they are the electronic brain of every business operation. Servers empower companies in many different ways, but as powerful as they are, they require constant maintenance to remain effective. Constant maintenance can become an expensive if not properly planned and executed.
Whether you have an IT team on staff, have a favorite contractor or do it yourself, BlueLight IT can help you. Our plans free up expensive resources and lock your monthly IT budget to a low monthly fee. Best of all, it allows the customer to hire an entire team of industry experts for a very low, flat fee. These experts do not require vacations, sick days or have schedule limitations. Bluelight IT ensures your server is maintained round-the-clock.

How Does it Work?

The Server Maintenance Program is very easy. All the following benefits and services are provided for a small monthly fee:

  • 24-hour monitoring and automatic system troubleshooting
  • System administration and preventative maintenance
  • Microsoft update and Hotfix installations
  • Maintenance of active server security
  • Update of Antivirus Protection Definitions (Viruses, Spyware, Trojan Horses)
  • Review of disk usage
  • Offsite data backup and replication services (additional fees may apply)
  • Free recovery plan consultation

Additional Benefits:

  • Budget friendly, small fixed monthly fee
  • End aggravation, and Improve uptime
  • Free up expensive resources
  • Remain on the cutting edge of technology with BlueLight IT’s experts

Don’t leave your servers one more night without the necessary protection and maintenance.
Call 561-282-2225 for a rapid evaluation and implementation.


Decrease down time with the proper network infrastructure

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