Google new layout will make SEO redundant

By Amir Sachs on October 26th 2010
Google is yet again testing new layouts for its Search results.
As can be seen from the images below the map has been relocated to the top right side of the screen and is floating, while the locations (places) results are now forming part of the organic results.
In this image a search for ‘virtual office ft lauderdale’ shows the map on the right side above the ads.


However in the following image you can see a search for ‘ac repair’ where the places results form part of the organic results, while the map is still showing on the right. I have taken this screen shot after scrolling down a bit. You can see the map is floating OVER the RHS ads.


While not visible in the image above there was a total of only 6 organic results and 7 location results.

Different search terms resulted in different layouts, in some only 5 organic results where shown. Google seems to be stretching the testing of local (places) results. I kinda like the floating map, although I don’t think that Google stock holders will be happy with the map floating over the ads. While previous reports about Google layouts have not made a significant impact on Search Engine Optimization this change, if implemented, is a whole new ball game for SEO.

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